Marble Basins

Magnificently Crafted Marble Basin Masterpieces

When you think of marble, what image springs to mind? Do you visualise a brightly shining floor, meticulously tiled in this material? Is your first thought that of a quarry where marble is extracted, cut and polished, so that you and others of similar taste can have new, supremely durable kitchen worktops installed?

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Shower Faucet

Shower Faucets and Heads Ensure Sheer Shower Bliss

Gone are the days when adjusting your shower’s water temperature accurately was a hit-and-miss affair. It could take quite a while, especially if you lived in an area where the water pressure was low or the home’s water supply was prone to pressure fluctuation.

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Basins South Africa

The Art of Italian Basin Design Now in South Africa

More South African homeowners, developers of premium properties, architects and interior designers have started to recognise the advantages of buying their basins and other sanitary ware from OXO Bathrooms, a leading manufacturer and supplier of bathroom works of art.

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