OXO luxury taps showcase the latest design trends from Europe. Crafted with a focus on elegance and modern design, they are made to give you a luxurious finish and add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. OXO luxury taps are chrome-plated, non-corrosive and DZR certified, making them the ideal option for use in high-humidity areas. These high-end taps are equipped with NEOPERL Aerators and KEROX Cartridges producing a water and electricity efficient option that doesn’t sacrifice style or luxury. All OXO luxury taps are SABS tested and ISO 2009 accredited on par with international standards. These products are made with modern design trends in mind so your bathroom will never be out of style. These taps are sold exclusively by OXO and are available throughout South Africa. Give your high-end bathroom a bit of Italian flair by investing in luxury OXO product today.