Premium Bath Luxury for South African Homes

Sometimes the factors which imbue a product with luxury can only be established by studying technical specifications. In other cases, this characteristic may be perfectly evident and patently discernible at first glance – this despite both products being basically similar in essence. The bath is one such item.

A bath is a bath, right? Well, yes and no. Some may say that merely having a tub and indoor plumbing is a luxury. It is certainly so when compared to standing under a waterfall to wash, getting into a river or other body of naturally occurring water, or hauling water from a similar source and decanting it into a rudimentary tub.

Basic Feature and Function

In essence, every modern bathtub is a relatively big, hollow item of sanitary ware which is waterproof and capable of accommodating a human body, partially submersed in a large volume of water within which to perform ablutions – the essential, fundamental purpose of a bath.

Nevertheless, there is an enormous difference between these practical, functional mainstays of all bathrooms, particularly those which are currently on offer in the South African market place. It all really boils down to where and from whom you buy your bath, luxury or basic.

When You have a Choice

It’s always worth your while to check on the quality of items like sanitary ware, tiles, carpets and built-in cupboards when purchasing a property from a developer, who may advertise that buyers are welcome to exercise their own choice, thereby customising what may otherwise be one of numerous identical dwellings.

In such instances, an allowance for these finishes is usually contained within the overall property price. First-time buyers often don’t realise that the allowance only covers the developer’s limited range, a range on which he has negotiated discounted prices based on a bulk order quantity, which may consist of second-grade goods.

If you prefer luxury fittings and finishes of top, world class quality, you’ll have to pay the price difference

from your own pocket after locating a specialised South African outlet from which to buy.

Buy from Leading Bath and Sanitary Ware Specialists

OXO Bathrooms is a leading specialist in the design, manufacture and export of world-class bathroom appointments, based in the heart of Italy, longstanding home of superior design art and master craftsmanship.

One glance is all that it takes to recognise all that sets our products apart from the rest, each item being a masterpiece in its own right. Stringent quality control takes place throughout each step of the manufacturing process and on finished products at the factory. No second-grade product leaves the factory gate to be discounted elsewhere. Any item found to be sub-standard in any way is recycled, since everything we distribute is immaculate – the best or nothing.

Bath Structure – What You Don’t See

An aluminium foil layer is incorporated inside the bath’s body, ensuring that heat is retained for up to 40 minutes – more than long enough for a relaxing soak in the middle of winter. All composite layers, including 3 of acrylic, are fused into one solid structure, weighing between 70kg – 130kg, and are supplied with premium bottle traps, overflows and pop-ups as standard.

If superior aesthetics, quality, durability and easy maintenance are important, there’s only one obvious supplier for South African customers who want to buy a luxury bath and complementary sanitary ware – OXO Bathrooms.

Luxury Bathrooms Enhance Lifestyle and Property Value

Although there are people who believe in and practice asceticism, most human beings enjoy and aspire to luxury. This applies to all manner of things, from holidays to vehicles, consumer goods to famous brands and lifestyles, schooling and homes – in particular, bathrooms within the home.


What makes a home luxurious, especially since there’s much more to this concept than moveable items like furniture, linens, appliances, artwork and ornaments? Many factors play a part in defining a dwelling. As property specialists and financial experts are wont to say, the most important considerations are location, location and location.

So, area and/or suburb are clearly uppermost, but cannot stand in isolation. It follows that homeowners should guard against going overboard when building or improving their house in its entirety, lest they overcapitalise the property in relation to the area in which it’s located, and also when compared with the standards and values of surrounding buildings.

Size, Style and Finishes

Secondly, the size, build quality, architectural style, well-maintained appearance, features and finishes within a home. Its kitchen and bathrooms are part and parcel of classifying it as exclusive and luxurious.

Outdoor Features

Additional features, such as a tennis court, swimming pool, well-designed outdoor entertainment area and a manicured, landscaped garden, also enhance the house’s real and perceived value. However, these are facilities which can be added on gradually and relatively easily at a later stage, without major disruption to the daily living conditions and comfort of the dwelling’s occupants while they’re at and inside the home.

Fundamentals of Luxury Homes

Two important interior areas are fundamental to all luxurious homes, without exception – the kitchen and the bathrooms. They are also the most expensive rooms and therefore, the least often revamped or altered. Nevertheless, it’s usually perfectly safe to spend extra money here, without fear of overcapitalising, irrespective of the property’s location.

Of these two types of spaces, bathrooms are probably top of the list where features which provide opulence are concerned, possibly partially because the installation of sanitary ware, fittings, fixtures and bathroom furniture requires more expertise in planning, construction/building, and more complex electrical and plumbing expertise than when outfitting a somewhat more straightforward kitchen.

Establishing Your Luxury Bathroom

  • See what’s new on the market – on the internet, in current interior décor magazines and particularly at specialist bathroom stores.
  • Don’t omit a visit to OXO Bathrooms, whatever else you do.
  • Buy the best quality sanitary ware, fixtures, furniture and fittings possible; you’ll certainly find them at OXO.
  • Measure the available space, taking special note of doors, windows, ventilation and natural light.
  • Establish a budget.
  • Allow for sufficient funds for plumbers, electricians and installation costs.
  • Consider what elements you wish to include in the new bathroom in order of priority and draw up a sketch floor plan accordingly. This gives you a point of departure.
  • Bring relevant information, your proposed plan and your budget figure, to our showroom consultants.

Our consultants will gladly assist you in your acquisition of inspirational, cutting-edge, luxurious imported Italian sanitary ware; each item a masterpiece in its own right and all beautifully displayed at our showroom/head office in Lonehill, Johannesburg. If luxury is on your list, it’s imperative that our inimitable products should appear there too.