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The year 2020 has brought with it a range of bathroom trends that excite us tremendously – let’s talk about toilets and tiles, vanities and Van Gogh’s, in our list of Top 10 Bathroom Trends 2020:

At the rate in which bathroom trends evolve, it’s a tough choice on colours and designs and layout, when renovating, redecorating or building a bathroom. Bathroom décor and finishes are long-term and long-lasting, so it’s important that you love your finished product, as you’ll be living with it for a long time to come.


Long live marbled finishes

Marbled feature walls or vanity countertops continue to hold the hearts of decorators, with classic elegance that simply doesn’t go out of date. This year is the year of risk-taking, and so bold marbles are coming to the fore, such as the layered contrasts of Zebrino marble or the sharp jagged designs of Paonezzo marble. 


2020 bathroom trends

Biophilic features

A garden in your very own bathroom, biophilic features use lush, live greenery to decorate vanities or even entire walls. The biophilic wall concept is already popular in hotels, restaurants and spa environments, but many private homeowners now bring biophilic décor into their bathrooms, to breathe life into the tiled interiors. 

What makes a bathroom biophilic features extra-cool is that tropical plants thrive off of bright natural light, and the moisture in the air created by warm showers. 


2020 bathroom trends


Open showers

It never ceases to surprise us that open showers once again rank as one of the top bathroom trends of yet another year. Sometimes boasting a single minimalist sheet of glass to divide the shower from a toilet or vanity, gone are the days of wonky shower doors and musty shower curtains – more and more people choose to enjoy the space and freedom offered by an open shower. 


2020 bathroom trends


Subway tiling

Subway tiles are already a classic kitchen and bathroom look – originating from the subways of New York in 1904, these prominent 3-by-6-inch rectangular tiles are now available in a variety of colours. Particularly popular this year, the jet-black subway tile makes a bold, moody statement in a shower or as a bathroom vanity backdrop.


2020 bathroom trends


Exercise your art muscles

While past décor trends have shown little inclination toward art pieces in the bathroom, we now see this changing as more people fill their empty bathroom walls with framed Van Gogh prints. Gone are the limp corner ferns, with open corner spaces now more frequently decorated with a lofty sculpture. 


2020 bathroom trends


Brushed brass finishes

Bringing in an element of timeless class and style, brushed brass finishes are adorning more bathrooms this year than ever before. Brushed brass is particularly effective with mirror framing, bathroom fittings, and other decorative items such as pots or vases. The brushed effect offers the understated elegance of brass, without the garish glare, and is easier to maintain. 


2020 bathroom trends


Dramatic powder rooms

The small bathroom – often the “guest loo” – has previously been the subject of disdain, undersized and under-utilized. Decorators are now seeing that the dimensions of the small bathroom, or powder room, are ideal for dramatic, over-the-top, expensive finishes, making it more than just a powder room, but a luxuriant bathroom experience to wow visitors.


2020 bathroom trends


Floating fixtures

Another 2020 bathroom trends that have already been on the rise in recent years, floating fixtures include vanities that are installed directly from the wall, and have no legs or a floating toilet that does not have a base. This minimalist floor space makes for a modern bathroom, both easy to clean and easy to look at. You can take this look one step further, with a tankless toilet. 


2020 bathroom trends


Freestanding tubs

Also increasing in popularity is the freestanding tub, which becomes a startling feature in the bathroom, a centrepiece to enjoy aesthetically and indulge in. 


2020 bathroom trends


Deep bathtubs

With freestanding bathtubs now taking centre stage, designers turn their eye toward deep soaking bathtubs that offer the spa-like experience of a steaming deepwater bath. Dramatic in design, these offer an imposing look for your bathroom and a flawlessly comfortable bath. 


2020 bathroom trends


Merging bathroom trends with solid knowledge

Considering the time we spend in the bathroom daily, we may as well enjoy it and find it indulgent and luxuriant. But where do you draw the line on following trends, following your heart, and factoring good, sound professional advice? Make sure that you merge luxury with practicality, and get the best of both worlds when designing your bathroom space when you get in touch with one of our sales consultants!

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