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We can all agree that some days getting it together for the morning rush is difficult, especially when the sun hasn’t even risen yet. So you can bet that if there’s anything that will help make our morning routines easier, we’re in! 

Having a clean, organised bathroom can really help speed things up when it comes to getting ready (it also means you can luxuriate in that extra 5-minute lie in you’ve been craving all week). It’s also a better, more relaxed start to your day as you enjoy getting ready in a calm and clutter-free bathroom (and who couldn’t use more relaxation in their day?)

Sometimes the disorganisation is overwhelming so you overlook it. But you need to take ownership of your dominion and take the steps to a cleaner, brighter space and ultimately happier you. Now is your opportunity to get rid of the clutter! Now’s the time to put into practice all the following bathroom organisation tips you’re going to read!  


First Things First

Organising your bathroom should always start with a good spring clean and declutter session. This is perhaps the most important step of cleaning up your bathroom because, honestly, there is no point in organising a bucket-load of products that you don’t actually need. 

The truth is, we tend to accumulate a lot of products that are halfway finished, that we’ll “use one day” (you never do), and other items we think we need to hang on to (you don’t). Many beauty and hygiene products only last between six months to a year, and you’ll only be able to use so many in that time, so there’s no use stockpiling what you’ll never get to utilise. 

When you open your bathroom cupboards to begin tidying this weekend, ask yourself the difficult questions that will set you on the path to a more organised bathroom and happier you. If you have to think about the answer, chances are that you don’t need it. As you assess your assortment of products, keep the following questions in mind;

  • Do I use this? Not to be confused with “Will I possibly use this one day?” – You either do or you don’t, so you shouldn’t have to think very long about it.



  • Do I need this? How many extra toothbrushes do you really need? Do you absolutely have to keep those half-finished bottles of body lotion? Do you actually wear that nail polish? Assess what you need on a regular basis to avoid stockpiling products that have a lifespan. Selectively identify what you use and donate or chuck out the rest.


  • Does this have a place in my cupboard? Everything you own should have a designated space. If you have too much of one thing, then the surplus needs to go. Getting rid of excess products helps you save space and arrange your belongings for easier access and quicker morning routines.  


  • Does this bring me joy? Perhaps the most important question of all! This phrase, by Marie Kondo – goddess of decluttering, encourages you to hold each item in your hand, and ask the question: “Does this bring me joy?”. You’ll know the answer right away, and that will help you rid your bathroom cupboards and counters of everything you don’t need.

Clutter-Free Counters


VALOUR Basin Mixer210mm Post OXO Bathrooms Oxo Bathrooms


Once you have decluttered your excess beauty and hygiene products, you need to turn your attention to other problematic areas of your bathroom. 

Cluttered counters are one of those areas. Keeping as few items on your bathroom counter as possible creates a fresher, tidier space. Using a tray to store your essentials helps you clear your counter with ease when it comes to cleaning day, and also brings a pleasing aesthetic to your bathroom. Note: your tray shouldn’t take up more than ⅓ of the counter space, or it will hinder your morning routine as you get ready! 


Hidden Storage 


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Not to be confused with hiding the clutter, incorporating additional hidden storage inside your bathroom cabinets can make the difference for the organisation of your bathroom as a whole. Whilst you may have rid your excess products, organising the remaining items for seamless use can still be a challenge. Few people know how to effectively use their limited bathroom cabinet space for better storage, but using wesh mire baskets help with holding a variety of items which tend to get muddled up as they are frequently used. 




Drawer Dividers


bathroom storage drawers 2000x1500 Post OXO Bathrooms Oxo Bathrooms

Cabinets sorted, you need to focus your attention on your bathroom drawers. Beauty and hygiene products come in all shapes and sizes, and those smaller items tend to get lost in cluttered bathroom drawers. Using drawer dividers can make all the difference – giving every item a “home” and making it that much easier for you to find what you’re looking for as and when you need it. 



Organisational Containers 


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Keeping things organised and accessible is one of the main reasons to declutter, but moreover, it makes a huge difference to the general cleanliness of your bathroom. The containers you use to store things also play an important role. Items should be organised by category and placed into the appropriate vessel when necessary. For example, glass apothecary jars are attractive storage options for supplies like cotton balls and cotton swabs, but you should rather use bathroom baskets for your additional towels. 


Laundry Bin



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Tired of having dirty laundry splayed across bathroom and bedroom? A stylish laundry bin will help keep those dirty, wet towels and other unmentionables hidden from view, and also make washing day easier as you haul your laundry to the washroom! 



Final Words

Organising your bathroom doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Creating a more functional space that is organised and clean with just a few changes can make your morning routine that much quicker and enjoyable. 



Looking to design your ultimate, clutter-free bathroom? 

OXO’s expert bathroom designers can assist! Schedule a design meeting with us and allow us to give you a guiding hand when redesigning your bathroom. We look forward to hearing from you!


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