While both wet and dry years occur in South Africa, this country does not have an overall abundance of that all-important resource that is essential to sustain all forms of life – water. It’s a scarce natural commodity at the best and worst of times.

Two Topical Types of Showers

Consequently, there are two types of showers which are uppermost in people’s minds and topical in conversations for the past few years, especially during 2016’s disastrous El Niño drought conditions and its aftermath. Firstly, there are showers that one cannot buy for love or money, because they fall from the skies if we’re lucky – rain showers.

Secondly, there are those that one can purchase, showers that one installs in the bathroom. These showers represent today’s ablution preference amongst water conscious South Africans, who are determined to play their part in water conservation, whilst saving on energy costs too.

It’s not only those who want to save water that prefer to take a shower. In Japanese culture, cleansing the body is a ritual, with its own regulations. First, the body is washed and cleansed, either under a shower or by scooping water from a container that has been filled from the Japanese bath, which is intended for soaking and relaxing, post cleansing and showering.

Best Buys

Buyers of showers (and water conservationists) should keep another important factor in mind. Not all showers are equal. Because you’re likely to live with and use your shower for many years, it’s truly worthwhile to buy the very best shower head that you can afford, but don’t wait too long before you buy – not if you want to avail yourself of OXO Bathrooms’ outstanding early 2017 sale prices.

The Benefits of Our Superior Showers

  • Aesthetically pleasing – from start to finish, whether you prefer your shower’s finish in brightly polished stainless steel or a modern brushed look. We offer a variety of beautiful paper-thin designs, each one a masterpiece in its own right. All shower heads and brassware have been DZR certified and SABS tested, ensuring that each unit retains its “just bought” function and immaculate appearance for many years to come, even in high-humidity conditions.
  • Outstanding quality is the hallmark of all our products. No items that fail to pass our stringent quality controls are offered for sale. No exceptions are allowed.
  • Functions to suit your individual, ideal shower experience, from single-function models to a unit equipped with jets, two functions (rain and waterfall), plus a thermostatic mixer, or an ultra-luxurious five-function unit (rain, waterfall, rain curtain, ABS body jets and Bluetooth-controlled speaker).
  • Even our standard features that apply across the entire shower head range are superior; the benefits are clear. These include NEOPERL Aerators that reduce water and energy consumption (by 50%), self-cleaning nozzles (no deteriorating function due to blocked nozzles), and stable, uninterrupted water pressure, irrespective of the prevailing inadequate pressure or fluctuation of your water supply.

We are the sole suppliers in South Africa of these magnificently designed, imported showers, which are a must if you want to buy the best, save precious resources and save money, while enjoying the ultimate shower experience – your own personal bathing ritual.