Modern Bathroom Design Is The New Luxury

Modern Bathroom Design Is The New Luxury

They say that life is to be enjoyed, not just endured, which is why there is no shame in adding a touch of modern luxury to your home, starting with your bathroom (it is the most important room of your home, after all!). Research has shown that the average person spends around 92 days in the bathroom over their lifetime, so it only makes sense that your bathroom has is a sanctuary finished with luxurious fittings to add to the experience.  

In 2019 we have seen all sorts of trends – from statement walls and open showers to opulent free-standing baths and functional design for small spaces, but none have stood out as much as the common thread that have tied them all together – the chic minimalism that has become the core focus of many bathrooms this year. 

With so many people approaching their bathroom redesign with a “less is more” attitude, we had to ask ourselves, what is it about these spaces that people are so drawn to? 

modern bathroom design with garden wall

It Feels Good

There’s no denying it – luxury feels good. But it feels even better when it’s simple and understated. Modern bathroom design focuses on clean lines, sleek surfaces, and ZERO clutter. The whole look and feel of this style of bathroom is basic. 

Stripped down aesthetics that feature natural materials and neutral tones, complemented with pops of colour by way of decor and other elements – what’s not to love about the simplicity and timeless appeal of modern bathroom design?

modern bathroom design with livingstone bath

The Space

Space is synonymous with luxury, and a core feature of modern design. We’re not saying that small bathrooms can’t achieve the same effect (they can, when expertly designed and outfitted with the best bathroom fittings on the market). 

But the combination of space, clean lines, feature pieces and minimalist design of a modern bathroom comes together to create something magical, memorable – a retreat that demands for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the clean ambience of your most private sanctuary.

modern bathroom design marble textures

The Textures

Whilst modern bathroom designs do place focus on simplicity, natural materials and neutral colour palettes, that doesn’t mean they’re dull and drab – in fact the understated elegance of unpretentiousness is what sets them apart. 

Think – a combination of marble, statement open shower, premium bathroom fittings, brand new fluffy towels – stylish, luxurious, perfection!

modern bathroom design bathroom butler fittings

The Fittings 

So, you could say we’re biased. But premium bathroom fittings are probably the most important feature of a modern bathroom – aside from their function, their design doesn’t get any better when compared to other inferior fittings on the market. 

More so than that, top of the range fittings add a touch of finesse to break up the clean lines – something that all modern bathrooms need, and provide your sanctuary with the right type of technology it needs to be eco-friendly without sacrificing quality or style.

Final Words –

Modern bathroom design changes your life. When you spend so much time in your bathroom – it’s only right that it is a sanctuary befitting of all your needs and requirements. We don’t see modern bathroom design losing its appeal any time soon. 

If this is the style for you, well what are you waiting for? Your ultimate modern bathroom is just a meeting away. Get in touch with us and let’s set up your first meeting and let’s start putting your dream bathroom together.

Timeless Bathroom Design

Timeless Bathroom Design

We get it. Your bathroom is not a space you rip up and remodel on a yearly basis for the fun of it, just because trends come and go. Remodelling your bathroom requires significant investment, financially and emotionally. Regardless of taste, it’s important to consider what your bathroom will look like when what’s hot now, isn’t so hot in a few years to come. 

To ensure your bathroom remains sophisticated and on-trend in the years to come, we’ve put together a small guide on things you should consider during the most exciting part of your bathroom remodel – choosing all the elements that will make up your new bathroom. Read on below for our top timeless bathroom design tips! 

Wall Colour

Mint green and salmon took over in the 80’s. We know what you feel when those bathrooms come to mind – happy nostalgia (I mean, those are the bathrooms we grew up in, right?) with a slight shudder of horror imagining your brand new bathroom looking the same way. That trend took homeowners by storm back then and looking back now, that’s exactly why you should steer clear of modern trends that come and go. When you’re deciding on the wall colour of your new bathroom, stick with lighter, neutral palettes that evoke a sense of fresh sophistication. 

We particularly enjoy stark, white bathroom walls. Bright, white walls keep a bathroom timeless, making the space feel clean and open. It’s generally a good rule of thumb to apply this to your permanent fixtures as well. Inevitably, things will need to be replaced as the years go on, and replacing fixtures of a specific colour is absurdly difficult once a colour fad has fallen off the radar. 

White walls also have this uncanny ability to complement any other colour, and balancing the starkness of the white with colourful towels, art, rugs and other accessories is a great way to keep your bathroom up to date. Trendy decor is easily changed and replaced to keep up with the times.

White walls also complement other elements of your bathroom – particularly when you want to draw attention to a certain feature, like marble floors or tile backsplashes. But stark white spaces come with needs. In particular, the need to be complemented by textures and quality fixtures, as we discuss below. This is one timeless bathroom design trend that will never go out of fashion! 

Timeless Textures

A timeless bathroom design doesn’t have to be dull and drab, void of personality. Adding texture by way of eye-catching features that don’t overwhelm the space is easily done but has to be done right. Careful attention is required when deciding what elements you are going to use to add texture to your new bathroom. 

Black & White

Black and white colour palettes work with almost any design style and never fail to present a polished look. This combination can be complemented with cute little pot plants or colourful bathroom linen to prevent a too clinical feeling. It is important to note that the ratio of white to black makes a difference. Use more white for a cleaner, brighter feel, or more black for a dramatic effect. The beauty of it is that the choice is yours, and choosing a black and white colour scheme means your bathroom will never go out of fashion.


Incorporating marble, granite or quartz into the mix brings an elegant, timeless appeal to the space, with these textures almost always working well with surrounding colours. Natural materials come with their own unique colouring and patterns. Whether you opt for natural materials on walls, floors or countertops, they bring a distinctive lasting element to your bathroom that no other element can.


Tiles have featured in bathrooms since the Romans invented bathhouses, so it’s no surprise that adding a feature wall with a splash of tiles can serve as a classic addition to your new bathroom. 

One trend that has never gone out of fashion are subway tiles, that bring both a touch of contemporary style and easy maintenance to your bathroom. Subway tiles have made a statement in bathrooms since the 1900’s – and being small and hardy means they are easy to clean – win-win for style and hygiene! 

However, it is important to consider the scale and scope of individual elements in your bathroom. Overdoing the tile can have the opposite effect of tying all the features of your bathroom together, and make the space feel cluttered and enclosed – a definite no-no when designing a bathroom meant to be ageless. 



Freestanding Bathtubs

The freestanding bathtub is perhaps the most classical and enduring element your bathroom could feature. Since the freestanding clawfoot bathtub became fashionable in England in the late 1800s, we have been equal parts adoring and committed to relaxation and self-care. Considered enchanting, sophisticated and the epitome of luxury, a bathtub wrought out of solid rock can never go out of fashion in our opinion! 

Simple Fittings

We don’t need to tell you that simplicity is key to keeping your bathroom timeless. 

Trends have their time and place, however, specifically when it comes to environmental consciousness in the bathroom. In this instance, opting for fine fixtures that are considerate to the environment will not hamper your efforts in designing a timeless bathroom. 

Faucets and basins tend to go out of fashion as time goes on, but keeping it simple and green mitigates the risk of your bathroom going out of fashion any time soon! 


We know we keep on harping on about it, but bathroom lighting may be the one element that makes the biggest difference in the agelessness of your bathroom. 

A combination of ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting makes a huge impact on the ambience of the space, and is key in establishing a beautiful, lasting bathroom sanctuary.


One trend that never goes out of style is bathroom organisation! Counters that are free of clutter give a feeling of a pristine, dirt-free space. In conjunction with open shelving, bathroom baskets, drawer separators and functional design – an organised bathroom is a key component of ageless luxuriousness. 

Final Words –

If you’re in the market for a timeless bathroom design, our team offers the latest insight to ensure your new bathroom is ageless now and in years to come. Whether you are revamping your guest water closet or master retreat, OXO will assist you with conceptualising the bathroom of your dreams into reality. Contact us now and let’s get talking! 


Bathroom Organisation Tips from the Experts!

Bathroom Organisation Tips from the Experts!

We can all agree that some days getting it together for the morning rush is difficult, especially when the sun hasn’t even risen yet. So you can bet that if there’s anything that will help make our morning routines easier, we’re in! 

Having a clean, organised bathroom can really help speed things up when it comes to getting ready (it also means you can luxuriate in that extra 5-minute lie in you’ve been craving all week). It’s also a better, more relaxed start to your day as you enjoy getting ready in a calm and clutter-free bathroom (and who couldn’t use more relaxation in their day?)

Sometimes the disorganisation is overwhelming so you overlook it. But you need to take ownership of your dominion and take the steps to a cleaner, brighter space and ultimately happier you. Now is your opportunity to get rid of the clutter! Now’s the time to put into practice all the following bathroom organisation tips you’re going to read!  


First Things First

Organising your bathroom should always start with a good spring clean and declutter session. This is perhaps the most important step of cleaning up your bathroom because, honestly, there is no point in organising a bucket-load of products that you don’t actually need. 

The truth is, we tend to accumulate a lot of products that are halfway finished, that we’ll “use one day” (you never do), and other items we think we need to hang on to (you don’t). Many beauty and hygiene products only last between six months to a year, and you’ll only be able to use so many in that time, so there’s no use stockpiling what you’ll never get to utilise. 

When you open your bathroom cupboards to begin tidying this weekend, ask yourself the difficult questions that will set you on the path to a more organised bathroom and happier you. If you have to think about the answer, chances are that you don’t need it. As you assess your assortment of products, keep the following questions in mind;

  • Do I use this? Not to be confused with “Will I possibly use this one day?” – You either do or you don’t, so you shouldn’t have to think very long about it.



  • Do I need this? How many extra toothbrushes do you really need? Do you absolutely have to keep those half-finished bottles of body lotion? Do you actually wear that nail polish? Assess what you need on a regular basis to avoid stockpiling products that have a lifespan. Selectively identify what you use and donate or chuck out the rest.


  • Does this have a place in my cupboard? Everything you own should have a designated space. If you have too much of one thing, then the surplus needs to go. Getting rid of excess products helps you save space and arrange your belongings for easier access and quicker morning routines.  


  • Does this bring me joy? Perhaps the most important question of all! This phrase, by Marie Kondo – goddess of decluttering, encourages you to hold each item in your hand, and ask the question: “Does this bring me joy?”. You’ll know the answer right away, and that will help you rid your bathroom cupboards and counters of everything you don’t need.

Clutter-Free Counters



Once you have decluttered your excess beauty and hygiene products, you need to turn your attention to other problematic areas of your bathroom. 

Cluttered counters are one of those areas. Keeping as few items on your bathroom counter as possible creates a fresher, tidier space. Using a tray to store your essentials helps you clear your counter with ease when it comes to cleaning day, and also brings a pleasing aesthetic to your bathroom. Note: your tray shouldn’t take up more than ⅓ of the counter space, or it will hinder your morning routine as you get ready! 


Hidden Storage 


Not to be confused with hiding the clutter, incorporating additional hidden storage inside your bathroom cabinets can make the difference for the organisation of your bathroom as a whole. Whilst you may have rid your excess products, organising the remaining items for seamless use can still be a challenge. Few people know how to effectively use their limited bathroom cabinet space for better storage, but using wesh mire baskets help with holding a variety of items which tend to get muddled up as they are frequently used. 




Drawer Dividers


Cabinets sorted, you need to focus your attention on your bathroom drawers. Beauty and hygiene products come in all shapes and sizes, and those smaller items tend to get lost in cluttered bathroom drawers. Using drawer dividers can make all the difference – giving every item a “home” and making it that much easier for you to find what you’re looking for as and when you need it. 



Organisational Containers 


Keeping things organised and accessible is one of the main reasons to declutter, but moreover, it makes a huge difference to the general cleanliness of your bathroom. The containers you use to store things also play an important role. Items should be organised by category and placed into the appropriate vessel when necessary. For example, glass apothecary jars are attractive storage options for supplies like cotton balls and cotton swabs, but you should rather use bathroom baskets for your additional towels. 


Laundry Bin



Tired of having dirty laundry splayed across bathroom and bedroom? A stylish laundry bin will help keep those dirty, wet towels and other unmentionables hidden from view, and also make washing day easier as you haul your laundry to the washroom! 



Final Words

Organising your bathroom doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Creating a more functional space that is organised and clean with just a few changes can make your morning routine that much quicker and enjoyable. 



Looking to design your ultimate, clutter-free bathroom? 

OXO’s expert bathroom designers can assist! Schedule a design meeting with us and allow us to give you a guiding hand when redesigning your bathroom. We look forward to hearing from you!


Timeless Small Bathroom Ideas

Timeless Small Bathroom Ideas

Packing A Punch In A Small Bathroom Design


Making use of a compact space is challenging at the best of times, so how does one make the most of a small bathroom when it is undoubtedly the most important and utilised room in your home? 

Well, clever storage and chic finishes can make even the smallest of bathrooms not only practical but beautiful too! Here are some of our top tips for packing a punch when mapping out your plans for a small bathroom design. 


Small Bathroom, Big Dreams


Beautiful Small Bathroom Design

Configuring your bathroom in such a way that there is enough space between your toilet and the sink, your shower and towel rail can be tricky, especially if you have limited space and an unconventional layout. That’s where a little bit of creativity and a splash of astuteness comes in! 


    1. Not-So-Traditional Corner Sink
      Bathroom sinks can sometimes be cumbersome, disrupting your movement as you try and get to the toilet or your shower. There is nothing more frustrating, especially if the space can be used more effectively!

      This not-so-traditional corner sink, right beside your toilet, works a lot better than being placed awkwardly alongside the shower. Now you can wash your hands, and see yourself too!


    2. Float Your Vanity
      Floating your vanity helps make the space appear visually bigger, and frees up some much-needed floor space when you step aside to wash your hands. 

    3. Open Your Shower
      These days, you can get away with not having a door on your shower. Open showers are designed to maximise bathroom space, and not only visually increase the size of your bathroom, but also provide a convenient “step in, step out” style that is perfect if you need to “rinse and run”.  

    4. Wall Mounted Toilet
      Installing a wall mounted toilet brings an instant modern aesthetic and is a great choice if you have a smaller bathroom, as the bowl and actuator plate are the only parts in the room, meaning the bowl is much closer to the wall – saving you precious floor space and legroom.


    5. It’s All About The Lighting
      Oh so important, no matter what room in your house! Adding a few warm tone lights or will enhance the luminescence and reflectiveness of the room; creating a brighter and roomier-feeling space.


    6. Round Mirrors
      Making use of a large round mirror in your bathroom is certainly not new, but does it pack a punch in a smaller space! Suspended just above the soap shelf, with it comes a stylish modern aesthetic, opening up the space the only way a mirror can!


    7. Strategic Tiles & Colour Schemes
      When it comes to small bathrooms, you need to be strategic with colour. Dark walls will make the room feel smaller, light walls will make the room feel larger. To add a bit of contrast, you can get by with darker floor tiles and lighter walls, and switching up the styles to create a statement!


    8. Less Is More
      As with anything, and especially in the context of a small bathroom, less is definitely more! Designing your bathroom for the space available, and keeping it clean, uncluttered and in tip-top shape will ensure it is always a welcoming space that won’t get you feeling claustrophobic. 

Need Help Redesigning Your Small Bathroom? 

OXO’s expert bathroom designers can assist! Schedule a design meeting with us and allow us to give you a guiding hand when redesigning your small bathroom. We look forward to hearing from you!


Bathroom Tile Trends For 2019

Bathroom Tile Trends For 2019

As a leading stockist of luxury bathroom and sanitary ware in Southern Africa, we see it as our duty to stay up to date with local and global bathroom trends that are constantly evolving. This gives us the insight we need to guide our clients on what’s hot, what’s not, and advise on the best buys for their particular style. Creating timeless bathrooms with a modern edge is part of our love for what we do, which is why we have put together this comprehensive guide to bathroom tile trends for 2019.

If you’re in the midst of redesigning your bathroom, you know there are countless styles to choose from. Victorian meets Metro, Contemporary meets Futuristic – the choices are endless! Allow us to guide you on this years’ wonderfully outlandish tile trends that we think are here to stay!


Hexagonal Tiles

Liquidred Colourful Hexagonal Bathroom Tiles

This year, it’s all about colour and dimension! Hexagonal tiles have been making a resurgence recently, and we’re seeing them in all combinations and sizes. The beauty of hexagonal tiles is that they can be used on a larger scale – covering floors and walls, or as a statement piece on a single divider in your bathroom. Bold motifs and striking design, with colour patterns that create complicated and visually arresting styles – what’s not to love?


Subway Tiles

Liquidred Subway Bathroom Tiles

Subway tiles are one of our favourite design features. They are timeless, work with almost any style – Victorian, Modern, Industrial (you name it!) – and can be switched up simply by playing with colour, arrangement or size. This adorable quirky bathroom design features a combination of purple and rose gold, and those subway tiles most certainly make a statement! The checkerboard style of the tiles adds a subtle texture to the space, giving this bathroom a dimension it otherwise wouldn’t have. Paired with the truly exquisite LiquidRed accessories – we’re in love!


Metallic Finish

Geberit Metallic Bathroom Tiles

Gorgeous and up to the minute – metallic bathroom finishes bring an edge to your bathroom that only a hint of shine can! When you combine a metallic finish with hexagonal tiles, magic happens. The metallic hue brings an unexpected depth to the space, and coupled with a rich, matte statement wall – well, you can see the result in this truly unique Geberit styled bathroom.


Matte Finish

Showerline Matte Bathroom Tiles

Matte finishes are here to stay. These gorgeous, oversized subway tiles in a checkerboard pattern are soft but powerful, and leave an impression long after you have seen a bathroom that features them!  Whilst matte tiles are great for their easy maintenance – their low sheen means smudges and water marks don’t appear as easily as on glossy tiles, they do need quite a bit of lighting, so make sure your bathroom flows with natural and artificial illumination!


Last Words

So there you have it – four of the bathroom tile trends taking 2019 by storm! Choosing the tiles for your bathroom remodel isn’t going to be easy, but this is a challenge you can have the most fun with! 

We stock a wide range of Douglas Jones tiles that make all the difference in your new bathroom. If you have an idea but you’re not sure where to go with it, our expert bathroom designers can assist! Schedule a design meeting with us and allow us to take you through the process of choosing your favourite tile colours, finishes, shapes and materials to complement your exquisite bathroom in the making. 

Bathroom Lighting Tips

Bathroom Lighting Tips

The bathroom is one of the only rooms in a multi-bodied household where we’re expected and encouraged to lock ourselves inside. With that kind of permission, it makes sense to use this private space as a luxurious sanctuary. Make the most of your haven by giving it the proper lighting. Here’s some important advice to keep in mind when redesigning your bathroom, lighting included.

The four types of light needed for the best bathroom atmosphere are task, accent, decorative and sparkle.

Task Lighting


This is the light by which you can best see yourself. Proper task lighting at the mirror is important and we recommend using a pair of sconces mounted at eye level on either side of the mirror to provide shadowless illumination. This creates the best scenario for makeup application, shaving, tooth care and so on.

Avoid adding a light above the mirror. That includes recessed lighting in the ceiling which would throw a strong light onto your forehead and cast deep shadows below your eyes, nose, and chin. Not only is this light ineffective for shaving or applying makeup, but it can also visually age you by 10 years. People should look their best when they look at their reflection. Proper lighting in the bathroom will make you feel better about yourself and promote confidence throughout your day.

Accent Lighting. 


If you enjoy art in your bathroom, accent lighting will show it off best. Recessed directional lights provide focused illumination for each piece of art — or, in this case, for an alcove dedicated to your favourite bath products.

Decorative Lighting. 

This adds visual sparkle. Using a single pendant in a square-shaped bathroom will add just the right touch.

Ambient Light. 

This acts as fill light. In bathrooms with taller ceilings, a cove or cantilever details, ambient lighting fixtures can be installed along the perimeter of the space. Architectural details such as these can hide the fixture and create indirect lighting.


Sconces on large mirrors at the sink vanities now offer functional task lighting. Recessed cans on dimmers provide ambient light for whatever mood is desired. Dimmers are especially useful in the tub area, where relaxation and romance are priorities. Wall sconces offer additional ambient and decorative light. Large mirrors, both at the vanity and over the tub, effectively reflect all of these layered light sources for the best effect.

Looking for more tips? Get in touch with us to set up a design meeting and allow us to put your dream bathroom together.

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