Small bathroom ideas to make the space appear larger

Small bathroom ideas to make the space appear larger

A smaller bathroom does not mean you need to compromise on design and quality.  We offer you some simple small bathroom ideas to get started.

A small bathroom does not mean that you are restricted to just having the essential, basic bathroom ware. Through proper planning and research, you can include beautiful, elegant bathroom ware and make your small bathroom appear bigger without enlarging the footprint. Modern bathroom ware designs mean that items are now more compact with sleeker lines and finishes – you don’t have to compromise on quality and style when furnishing a small bathroom.

Using a few simple design tips can also improve your smaller bathroom and make the space appear larger than what it is.

Neutral or clean design scheme

Detailed decor can overwhelm a small space and make it feel cluttered. Rather focus on design elements that are simple with sleek lines. Opt for shades that are light and bright which will reflect light and make a smaller bathroom appear larger. If white is a colour that holds no appeal for you then opt for subtle pastels or neutral tones of cream or beige. With a smaller space, less is more so choose similar shades when selecting the finishing touches such as your blinds, curtains and towels.

When selecting the flooring, look for large, plain tiles that can be put together with fewer grouting lines. Smaller tiles will make the bathroom look more compressed. The ideal flooring for a bathroom is a solid screed floor but this is not to everyone’s taste and needs to be installed by a professional as it can lead to cracking if not sealed properly.

Space savers and storage

Decluttering and paring back on the surface area items such as your towels and toiletries will create a more spacious and streamlined look. Install units that are concealed with enough storage to hold all your lotions and potions. Storage units that can fit under basins or snuggly into an unused corner work well in a smaller space. If possible choose a high gloss or mirrored surface for the storage units as not only is it on-trend but the light-reflection of the finish will open up the space.

Big mirrors

If you want to make a small bathroom look bigger, opt for the largest mirror that the space can handle. Even if there is space for two mirrors, rather select one large one to fill the wall, and if possible all the way to the ceiling. Mirrors are necessities in bathrooms, but they also reflect light and open up spaces so use them to your advantage in small rooms.

Proper Lighting

In a smaller bathroom, try to avoid casting any shadows or creating any dark corners as this will make the space seem smaller and gloomier. Installing angled light fixtures over the mirror will allow for the light to reflect off the mirror and cast a wide angle but ensure that the light does not cast a shadow on your face. Smaller, recessed ceiling lights will not overwhelm the space and create enough light in the space to avoid any shadows.

Unsure of where to start with designing your dream smaller bathroom? Or do you need small bathroom ideas? Contact the OXO Bathrooms’ professionals for expert advice.


Shower singing will make you happier

Shower singing will make you happier

Is singing in the shower more than proving you are the next great star? Or are there more emotional and health benefits to this noisy bathroom past-time?

A recent survey has revealed that nearly 90% of us become instant rock stars as soon as we get into the shower. And while some of us may have a voice like Beyoncé and others sound more like a zoo has taken up residence in the bathroom, we all generally like to sing, upbeat, funky songs. Researchers surmise that being in the bath or shower relaxes us and gives us the freedom to enjoy the alone time and let loose with a favourite tune.

Health benefits to shower or bath singing

Singing in the shower or bath may be your time to test your viability for Idols but there has been serious research conducted on the health benefits to this practice. Research indicates that shower or bath singing could be doing us the world of good and is connected to a number of emotional and physical advantages.

Professor Graham Welch, Chair of Music at University College London says that singing in the shower could be especially good for us.

“Singing is a fully body workout, especially in the shower,” explains Professor Welch. “There are good acoustic resonances, moving warm/hot water, steam, physical movement, and a general sense of feeling good at the start of the day, which is when the emotional system kicks into gear. The emotional benefit of singing and expressing yourself, such as in the shower, will produce a “feel good” sense of wellbeing that will have health benefits in general, and also allow you to enter the world of work that day in a positive frame of mind.”

Singing is a complex process that engages different elements of the brain and provides mental stimulation which is what we need first thing in the morning. Singing in the shower or the bath not only gives your brain a boost but will also improve your heart health, “happy” hormones and reduce your stress levels.

Studies have delved deeper into this every-day activity and have linked shower or bath singing to improvements in the mental capacities of dementia patients and have found to have restored the speaking abilities of stroke patients. In a study done by researchers from the Harvard Medical School, patients who taught to put simple words to melodies were able to speak a full sentence in just one session.

Bathroom or shower ideas to make it the perfect “recording studio”

The hard wall surfaces, tiled floors and lack of soft furnishings create a pleasing acoustic environment. The multiple reverberations from walls improve the quality and richness of your voice. The smaller room and hard surfaces of a typical bathroom produce different kinds of sound waves and echoes providing your voice with a “fullness and depth.”

Bathroom tiles don’t absorb sound, so your voice will bounce back and forth around the room before fading away. The smaller space of a shower boosts your voice and even adds a little bass, making your singing sound more powerful and giving it more vocal styling – a homemade Auto-Tune that makes you sound better than you really are.

Knowing the health benefits and that there are ways to ensure you have the best acoustics, why not contact one of our OXO Bathroom professionals who can guide you in designing the best possible space for your next performance.

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