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Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

When you are planning to upgrade your existing bathroom or building a brand new one from scratch, it is wise to take your time, do research, update yourself on what’s available, plan the new space correctly and think of innovative ideas that will incorporate all that you desire.

Budgets versus Bathroom Ideas

It costs far more to fit and furnish a bathroom than it does for most other rooms, with the exception of the kitchen. It’s very easy to give free rein to your thoughts, ideas and acquisitions if your budget is unlimited. However, most homeowners need to keep finance and spending in mind when building or refurbishing a home. Even so, we highly recommend that you buy the best sanitary ware and bathroom fixtures and fittings which you can reasonably afford, without plunging yourself into debt for the rest of your life.

Remember that the items, which are installed in a bathroom, are fixtures with which one usually has to live and function with for many years into the future. In other words, these are not pieces which one replaces on a whim or without a considerable measure of costly construction work and upheaval.

Quality, aesthetics and durability paramount, and as in so many other areas, you get that for which you pay. Classic, yet cutting-edge, imported Italian designs will service you well and beautifully for many, many years to come. Avoid “cheap and nasty” bathroom products at all possible costs – they may well end up costing you far more in the end!

If you cannot afford great quality, rather wait a while, save and then purchase durable, classically designed goods a little later. You, your family and your property value will all derive benefits from fixtures and fitted sanitary ware of superior quality and appearance.

Ideas to Enhance and Personalise your Bathroom

Our fully imported, exclusively designed bathroom appointments reflect the best aspects of Italians’ mastery in the competitive field of global design and craftsmanship – classic, but enduringly modern and minimalist.

The clean lines speak for themselves, irrespective of your individual architectural style and décor preference, whilst allowing you the freedom to place your own personal stamp on the bathroom by the way in which you dress and complete the picture.

  • Don’t overfill or clutter the space – keep its size and shape, relative to the size of sanitary ware, in mind, so that you have enough room to move around comfortably.
  • Colours – light colours make a small space appear and feel larger, while dark colours do the opposite. Accent colour and plants add an additional dimension.
  • Mirrors – they reflect light, enhancing this aspect and one’s perception of space.
  • Lighting – it makes an enormous difference without costing a fortune, while strategically placed windows maximise natural light.
  • Storage space – modern bathroom furniture provides excellent storage space, keeping the bathroom neat and uncluttered.
  • Tiles – tile choices are huge. Consider size, shape, texture, colour and effect.
  • Shower – a “wet room” type shower is practical, modern and lovely, maximising space and a minimalistic, clean look.
  • Accessories – they are an excellent, yet affordable way to refresh the bathroom’s appearance. Add simple elements and touches for a sensual, opulent ambience

Inspiration at our Showroom

Once your view the magnificent display bathroom layouts at our Lonehill, Johannesburg showroom, we know you’ll be inspired with lots of your own creative ideas, so pop in and browse – we will gladly assist in any way possible.

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