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Okay, so you want to upgrade or renew your bathroom, but you have no idea where to start. Well, if it is bathroom renovation ideas you are after, you have come to the right place, because one visit to our stunning Johannesburg showroom is sure to get those creative brain cells into top gear.

Of course, no creative bathroom renovation ideas are complete without visualising, or better still, seeing the latest sanitary ware on offer, masterfully displayed. Viewing these in person beats even the clearest pictures and images every time, because you need to see, feel, inspect, touch and experience before making a final buying selection and decision.

Our Italian creations exemplify the best of European/Italian design art, master workmanship and matchless quality, without compromising on superb, understated and sophisticated functionalism and are a “must” to view when contemplating new bathroom installation and renovation ideas.

Young Design Team

Fully imported, innovative products are designed by a personally selected, highly talented young design team, which meticulously mirrors our commitment to original creations of the highest order – practical, elegant, modern and breathtaking to behold, sanitary ware which should be seen to be believed.

Processes and Quality

Only the most stringent quality controls are employed throughout the manufacturing and finishing processes. The finest raw materials are sourced and used, whilst quality control is applied during every phase of production and final quality assessment.

Ceramics are glazed with Spanish glazing materials, utilising the latest German application technology. Every ceramic item is carefully hand finished to ensure that each piece is flawless, as are the actual designs themselves.

Bathroom Restoration Ideas and Planning Tips

Here are a few things you can keep in mind to help the process along:

  • Firstly, assess your needs and requirements, keeping in mind that you may need more components than just those in your current bathroom. Function and style are two major considerations and the new bathroom should fulfil your requirements and ideally, your vision too.
  • Measure the interior space, taking note of where existing sanitary ware, windows, lights, doorway, fittings and connections are located.
  • Establish a budget, keeping in mind that it’s wise to purchase the best sanitary ware, bathroom furniture and accessories and especially fittings which you can afford, since these items are fixtures which you’d require to remain functional and in good condition for many years, well into the future.
  • Design and plan where each item should be installed so that you’re able to move comfortably between the various elements, whilst maximising available space in what is typically one of the smaller areas of the dwelling.
  • Carefully consider ambient and artificial lighting. Light and lighter colours make a small room appear larger, while the converse is also true.
  • Keep in mind for whose primary use the bathroom is intended. Usually, the master en suite facilities are more extensive and this is where the major portion of the budget is spent, while that reserved mainly for children’s and guests’ use may be less sophisticated.
  • Have a look at homeowners’ magazines and internet illustrations to broaden your knowledge, inspiration and renovation ideas.

Consult our experienced sales consultants, who look forward to assisting your with planning, logistics and practical creative advice and lots of innovative renovation ideas to ensure that your new bathrooms are magnificently unique, delivering optimal, sophisticated function, whilst exponentially increasing the value of your property.

If it’s bathroom renovation ideas you need, contact OXO Bathrooms today!