Think of the most beautiful, luxurious bathroom in which you’ve ever been. Pause a moment and visualise every item within its interior, not only the large appointments like sanitary ware and their placement, but also the small details – the accessories.

Next, picture the very same bathroom with only the bath, toilet, basin and shower, devoid of any accessories. This is a totally different image, isn’t it? It’s almost guaranteed to appear cold, soulless, bare, boring, and without appeal or any hint of luxury, even if the sanitary ware is top notch.

Last-Minute Afterthoughts

Why then do so many people treat the selection and purchase of their bathroom accessories as mere afterthoughts, something which they only remember at the last moment and choose without much due consideration?

Essential and Important

Our suggested visualisation exercise clearly illustrates just how important a role accessories play in transforming a purely functional bathroom into one of sumptuous luxury and convenience, while enhancing its practical and aesthetic aspects. Elsewhere on this website, you’ll see exactly what we mean about aesthetic appeal – simple, yet stylish modern design – fine examples of vanguard design art.

Our Quality Luxury Accessories

Just like when you’re buying sanitary ware, don’t skimp on good quality when acquiring accessories. They may cost a little more initially, but in the long run, you’ll save money. Top-grade bathroom accessories, such as those obtainable from us, perform their required function while remaining in pristine condition for years to come.

They’re strong, solid in construction and finished with chrome-plated DZR brass for ultimate durability, even in high-humidity conditions. Our DZR finish is easy to maintain – just a quick wipe with a soft cloth and your accessories look like new.

The fixing mechanisms, supplied with all our accessories, are specifically designed to stay put without coming loose, once installed. There’s nothing more inconvenient and irritating than having to reposition a toilet roll and its holder each time you tear off a section of paper, or hoping that your towel rail won’t collapse into an untidy, mouldy heap when it’s expected to support the additional weight of the wet towel that you hung over it.

Essential Luxuries

Our four ranges of bathroom accessories are categorised per range, (Edge, Metro, Intro and Zed), although many pieces may be interchanged or combined with items from amongst our other ranges, giving customers additional flexibility and range in their options. Some of our accessories include:

  • Towel rails (single or double), rings and racks.
  • Toilet paper holders (single or double), with and without covers.
  • Soap dishes, complete with holders.
  • Shower soap basket, ensuring that water drains away and the bar of soap does not become soggy.
  • Robe hooks.
  • Glass or tumbler holders.
  • Wall mounted, adjustable shaving mirror.
  • Free-standing cosmetic mirror.
  • Bathroom furniture.

Peripheral Accessories

Peripheral bathroom accessories may be changed with regularity, without incurring a major expense or inconvenience. Some are optional, not always essential, but nevertheless, all add to the luxury of a well-appointed bathroom. These include:

  • Fluffy, freshly laundered quality towels in colours and designs of your choice.
  • Luxurious towelling bathrobes.
  • Mats or rugs.
  • Mirrors.
  • Lighting.
  • Window treatments.
  • Pot plants that are happy in humid conditions (often in lower light, because South African bathrooms tend to be built facing south).

Lastly, but of most importantly, visit our showroom for inspiration in creating your luxurious bathroom, finished with elegant essential accessories.