Luxury Bathrooms for Luxurious Lifestyles

Unless you are a complete, dedicated ascetic, (and they aren’t in the majority), you appreciate, love and possibly desire life’s luxuries, like most other people, who are a pretty aspirational bunch anyway.

Aspiration and inspiration are admirable qualities. This is how mankind invents, evolves and advances. Without finding better or more pleasing ways of doing things, human beings, as a species, would have died out very long ago. Instead, man has developed, grown and become more discerning and sophisticated.

What is Luxury?

Luxury items may be described as those that possess qualities that may be considered non-essential over and above their primary function, and they’ve been refined to levels beyond their original purpose.

This may apply to any and everything from mattresses to motor cars, fridges to foods, and babies’ nappies to bathrooms. Luxury bathroom appointments (and other luxury goods) are normally supplied by specialised luxury stores, such as OXO Bathrooms in Lonehill, Johannesburg.

We have the exclusive distribution rights to supply all of OXO’s Italian imported, exclusive sanitary ware in South Africa today.

From Function to Opulence

Bathrooms were functional spaces, but they didn’t exist not too terribly long ago. Once indoor plumbing was invented, a separate room in the house was designated as a bathroom, but purely for simple, functional reasons, allowing occupants to perform ablutions in privacy.

Modern bathrooms have ceased to be mere washrooms. Today, the bathroom is a sanctuary, a haven of peace, tranquillity and relaxation, enjoyable experiences enhanced by a touch of opulence.

Creating a Luxury Bathroom

If you really want to create a wonderfully luxurious bathroom, it’s wise to start with the basics, which should be of the best quality that you can afford, since these items will be in use for many years. You’ll find everything you need at OXO Bathrooms – all luxurious, breathtaking, Italian-designed sanitary ware.

  • Baths – numerous models of superior structure, weighing between 70kg – 130kg, consisting of three layers of acrylic material fused into one solid structure with no areas where lime scale and stains may accumulate. Within, aluminium foil particles ensure that our baths retain heat for up to 40% longer.
  • Basins – designs galore, modern, simple and minimalistic in design. We offer a choice of pure white, black or grey Spanish glazed ceramic material, or the latest addition to the basin range – solid natural white marble with subtle grey striations.
  • Toilets – beautifully designed with no angles, nooks and crannies in which bacteria might hide, a non-splash flushing system, plus softly self-closing seats and lids.
  • Showers – specialised water pressure technology ensure consistent water pressure, even under less than perfect conditions, while water and electricity saving is maximised by up to 50%. Paper-thin shower heads feature highly effective self-cleaning nozzles, preventing lime scale build up and clogging.
  • Furniture – Our stylish, solid bathroom furniture is triple coated and sealed to prevent warping and damage in wet or humid conditions. Legs, supports and brackets are manufactured from top-quality, brushed matt stainless steel. Taps and accessories are finished with non-corrosive chrome plated DZR brass for optimal durability and outstanding aesthetic properties.

Add your own ultra-personal stamp with your choice of flooring, mirrors, lighting, towels and other décor elements. With our help, you’ll create the luxury bathroom of your dreams.