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They say that life is to be enjoyed, not just endured, which is why there is no shame in adding a touch of modern luxury to your home, starting with your bathroom (it is the most important room of your home, after all!). Research has shown that the average person spends around 92 days in the bathroom over their lifetime, so it only makes sense that your bathroom has is a sanctuary finished with luxurious fittings to add to the experience.  

In 2019 we have seen all sorts of trends – from statement walls and open showers to opulent free-standing baths and functional design for small spaces, but none have stood out as much as the common thread that have tied them all together – the chic minimalism that has become the core focus of many bathrooms this year. 

With so many people approaching their bathroom redesign with a “less is more” attitude, we had to ask ourselves, what is it about these spaces that people are so drawn to? 

modern bathroom design with garden wall

It Feels Good

There’s no denying it – luxury feels good. But it feels even better when it’s simple and understated. Modern bathroom design focuses on clean lines, sleek surfaces, and ZERO clutter. The whole look and feel of this style of bathroom is basic. 

Stripped down aesthetics that feature natural materials and neutral tones, complemented with pops of colour by way of decor and other elements – what’s not to love about the simplicity and timeless appeal of modern bathroom design?

modern bathroom design with livingstone bath

The Space

Space is synonymous with luxury, and a core feature of modern design. We’re not saying that small bathrooms can’t achieve the same effect (they can, when expertly designed and outfitted with the best bathroom fittings on the market). 

But the combination of space, clean lines, feature pieces and minimalist design of a modern bathroom comes together to create something magical, memorable – a retreat that demands for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the clean ambience of your most private sanctuary.

modern bathroom design marble textures

The Textures

Whilst modern bathroom designs do place focus on simplicity, natural materials and neutral colour palettes, that doesn’t mean they’re dull and drab – in fact the understated elegance of unpretentiousness is what sets them apart. 

Think – a combination of marble, statement open shower, premium bathroom fittings, brand new fluffy towels – stylish, luxurious, perfection!

modern bathroom design bathroom butler fittings

The Fittings 

So, you could say we’re biased. But premium bathroom fittings are probably the most important feature of a modern bathroom – aside from their function, their design doesn’t get any better when compared to other inferior fittings on the market. 

More so than that, top of the range fittings add a touch of finesse to break up the clean lines – something that all modern bathrooms need, and provide your sanctuary with the right type of technology it needs to be eco-friendly without sacrificing quality or style.

Final Words –

Modern bathroom design changes your life. When you spend so much time in your bathroom – it’s only right that it is a sanctuary befitting of all your needs and requirements. We don’t see modern bathroom design losing its appeal any time soon. 

If this is the style for you, well what are you waiting for? Your ultimate modern bathroom is just a meeting away. Get in touch with us and let’s set up your first meeting and let’s start putting your dream bathroom together.

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