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Over the past 20 months, we’ve seen a steady shift in the way people are redesigning their homes, and especially the bathroom. New bathroom trends are more luxurious and pack a real punch when it comes to style and functionality.


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Here are 8 bathroom trends that are here to stay in 2021…


Magnificent Marble

Marble finishes bring class and glamour to even the smallest bathroom space. This trend is hot right now as marble is both luxe and durable, and therefore a worthy finish in a bathroom environment. 


Biophilic Design

This trend sees greenery and nature extend to the interior of our homes. In the bathroom, biophilic features are lush, live greenery to decorate vanities or even entire walls. Greenery can also shine through the choice of colours and textures in the bathroom. What makes bathroom biophilic features extra-cool is that tropical plants thrive off of bright natural light, and the moisture in the air created by warm showers.


Large, Open Showers

Grander, bigger and walk-in. These are the trends words when it comes to modern showers. Sometimes boasting a single minimalist sheet of glass to divide the shower from a toilet or vanity. Gone are the days of wonky shower doors and musty shower curtains – more and more people choose to enjoy the space and freedom offered by an open shower.


Subway Tiles

This is certainly not a new trend. Subway tiles have been around for a century and still offer a timeless look. Particularly popular at the moment, the jet-black subway tile makes a bold, moody statement in a shower or as a bathroom vanity backdrop.


Brushed Brass

Let your sanitary ware do the talking! Brushed brass is a beautiful, luxurious finish and we can see why it is so popular in modern bathroom designs this year. Brushed brass is particularly effective with mirror framing, bathroom fittings, and other decorative items such as pots or vases. The brushed effect offers the understated elegance of brass, without the garish glare, and is easier to maintain.


Dramatic Guest Bathrooms

Smaller guest loos or powder rooms are taking centre stage this season. Gone are the days of minimalist spaces. Today we are seeing a surge of dramatic designs. Think bold wallpaper prints, vibrant colours and textured finishes. Decorators are now seeing that the dimensions of the small bathroom, or powder room, are ideal for dramatic, over-the-top, expensive finishes, making it more than just a powder room, but a luxuriant bathroom experience to wow visitors.


2020 bathroom trends


Floating Fixtures

Floating fixtures are currently on trend and this include vanities that are installed directly from the wall, and have no legs or a floating toilet that does not have a base. This minimalist floor space makes for a modern bathroom, both easy to clean and easy to look at. You can take this look one step further, with a tankless toilet.


Freestanding Tubs

Is there anything more luxurious than a freestanding tub? This can be a showpiece in a modern bathroom.

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2020 bathroom trends

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