Call it what you will – revamp, refurbish, refresh, upgrade, update or modernise – you have an exciting, fun time ahead of you, once you’ve made the decision to renovate your bathroom. In South Africa, builders have just returned from their annual holiday break, so your timing is perfect.

You may have purchased a property with the intention of restoring it and then selling at a profit, or you’ve simply become weary of the old, tired and boring layout and sanitary ware in the bathroom of the home in which you’ve been living for umpteen years.


One can safely assume that you have to accomplish your renovation within an existing, finite space. Your bathroom renovation must be planned properly. Layouts of old didn’t really pay much attention to practical or particularly appealing, user-friendly space planning.

As long as the outlet to the toilet was placed through an exterior wall and there was a drain outside to carry away grey water from the bath, basin and shower, bathroom appointments were installed wherever a space for each could be found, with little or no regard for individual style, aesthetics or ambience.

While the basic rules and requirements of efficient plumbing still apply, space planning and interior design also have an important role in modern bathroom renovation, even though the available space may remain unchanged. In this scenario, the optimal placement of items that are fixtures is vital.

Fortunately for today’s renovators, modern sanitary ware and bathroom furniture is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and configurations; one no longer has to be satisfied with a bland, basic bathroom that resembles every other older bathroom one has ever encountered.

Buy the Best

Even if your funds are limited, remember that a gorgeous bathroom adds lots of extra value to your home, and is a major factor in its selling price and buyers’ appeal, if you ever decide to sell. Buy the best quality sanitary ware that you can afford; it will more than pay for itself in the long run. Moreover, top-quality goods retain their original appearance throughout many years of use.


If budget so dictates, prioritise. Certain items, such as the bath tub and/or shower, basin and toilet are must-haves in most bathrooms. Some may consider a bidet as nice to have, but not essential.

If you really only use a shower, never a tub, make certain that the shower head you select is of top quality, contains the latest water flow technology and incorporates functions that transform your shower experience into one of luxury.

Where to Go

At OXO Bathrooms, our name and reputation is synonymous with imported premium quality bathroom sanitary ware, internationally appealing Italian design, superior materials, production processes and workmanship, as well as stringent standards that comply with or exceed local and international quality criteria.

Our consultants at our Lonehill, Sandton head office and showroom are ready to assist customers with their selection of breathtakingly beautiful sanitary ware, bathroom appointments, accessories and renovation plans.

Seeing is believing, so prepare to become an awestruck believer. Bring us your measurements, a sketch plan of the space, and an idea of your budget. Together, we’ll plan the bathroom renovation of your dreams.