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We get it. Your bathroom is not a space you rip up and remodel on a yearly basis for the fun of it, just because trends come and go. Remodelling your bathroom requires significant investment, financially and emotionally. Regardless of taste, it’s important to consider what your bathroom will look like when what’s hot now, isn’t so hot in a few years to come. 

To ensure your bathroom remains sophisticated and on-trend in the years to come, we’ve put together a small guide on things you should consider during the most exciting part of your bathroom remodel – choosing all the elements that will make up your new bathroom. Read on below for our top timeless bathroom design tips! 

Wall Colour

Mint green and salmon took over in the 80’s. We know what you feel when those bathrooms come to mind – happy nostalgia (I mean, those are the bathrooms we grew up in, right?) with a slight shudder of horror imagining your brand new bathroom looking the same way. That trend took homeowners by storm back then and looking back now, that’s exactly why you should steer clear of modern trends that come and go. When you’re deciding on the wall colour of your new bathroom, stick with lighter, neutral palettes that evoke a sense of fresh sophistication. 

We particularly enjoy stark, white bathroom walls. Bright, white walls keep a bathroom timeless, making the space feel clean and open. It’s generally a good rule of thumb to apply this to your permanent fixtures as well. Inevitably, things will need to be replaced as the years go on, and replacing fixtures of a specific colour is absurdly difficult once a colour fad has fallen off the radar. 

White walls also have this uncanny ability to complement any other colour, and balancing the starkness of the white with colourful towels, art, rugs and other accessories is a great way to keep your bathroom up to date. Trendy decor is easily changed and replaced to keep up with the times.

White walls also complement other elements of your bathroom – particularly when you want to draw attention to a certain feature, like marble floors or tile backsplashes. But stark white spaces come with needs. In particular, the need to be complemented by textures and quality fixtures, as we discuss below. This is one timeless bathroom design trend that will never go out of fashion! 

Timeless Textures

A timeless bathroom design doesn’t have to be dull and drab, void of personality. Adding texture by way of eye-catching features that don’t overwhelm the space is easily done but has to be done right. Careful attention is required when deciding what elements you are going to use to add texture to your new bathroom. 

Black & White

Black White Post OXO Bathrooms Oxo Bathrooms

Black and white colour palettes work with almost any design style and never fail to present a polished look. This combination can be complemented with cute little pot plants or colourful bathroom linen to prevent a too clinical feeling. It is important to note that the ratio of white to black makes a difference. Use more white for a cleaner, brighter feel, or more black for a dramatic effect. The beauty of it is that the choice is yours, and choosing a black and white colour scheme means your bathroom will never go out of fashion.


Marble Post OXO Bathrooms Oxo Bathrooms

Incorporating marble, granite or quartz into the mix brings an elegant, timeless appeal to the space, with these textures almost always working well with surrounding colours. Natural materials come with their own unique colouring and patterns. Whether you opt for natural materials on walls, floors or countertops, they bring a distinctive lasting element to your bathroom that no other element can.


Showerline Matte Tiles Post OXO Bathrooms Oxo Bathrooms

Tiles have featured in bathrooms since the Romans invented bathhouses, so it’s no surprise that adding a feature wall with a splash of tiles can serve as a classic addition to your new bathroom. 

One trend that has never gone out of fashion are subway tiles, that bring both a touch of contemporary style and easy maintenance to your bathroom. Subway tiles have made a statement in bathrooms since the 1900’s – and being small and hardy means they are easy to clean – win-win for style and hygiene! 

However, it is important to consider the scale and scope of individual elements in your bathroom. Overdoing the tile can have the opposite effect of tying all the features of your bathroom together, and make the space feel cluttered and enclosed – a definite no-no when designing a bathroom meant to be ageless. 



Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding Tub Post OXO Bathrooms Oxo Bathrooms

The freestanding bathtub is perhaps the most classical and enduring element your bathroom could feature. Since the freestanding clawfoot bathtub became fashionable in England in the late 1800s, we have been equal parts adoring and committed to relaxation and self-care. Considered enchanting, sophisticated and the epitome of luxury, a bathtub wrought out of solid rock can never go out of fashion in our opinion! 

Simple Fittings

Bathroom Butler Post OXO Bathrooms Oxo Bathrooms

We don’t need to tell you that simplicity is key to keeping your bathroom timeless. 

Trends have their time and place, however, specifically when it comes to environmental consciousness in the bathroom. In this instance, opting for fine fixtures that are considerate to the environment will not hamper your efforts in designing a timeless bathroom. 

Faucets and basins tend to go out of fashion as time goes on, but keeping it simple and green mitigates the risk of your bathroom going out of fashion any time soon! 


Lighting Post OXO Bathrooms Oxo Bathrooms

We know we keep on harping on about it, but bathroom lighting may be the one element that makes the biggest difference in the agelessness of your bathroom. 

A combination of ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting makes a huge impact on the ambience of the space, and is key in establishing a beautiful, lasting bathroom sanctuary.


Organised Bathroom Post OXO Bathrooms Oxo Bathrooms

One trend that never goes out of style is bathroom organisation! Counters that are free of clutter give a feeling of a pristine, dirt-free space. In conjunction with open shelving, bathroom baskets, drawer separators and functional design – an organised bathroom is a key component of ageless luxuriousness. 

Final Words –

If you’re in the market for a timeless bathroom design, our team offers the latest insight to ensure your new bathroom is ageless now and in years to come. Whether you are revamping your guest water closet or master retreat, OXO will assist you with conceptualising the bathroom of your dreams into reality. Contact us now and let’s get talking! 


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