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Packing A Punch In A Small Bathroom Design


Making use of a compact space is challenging at the best of times, so how does one make the most of a small bathroom when it is undoubtedly the most important and utilised room in your home? 

Well, clever storage and chic finishes can make even the smallest of bathrooms not only practical but beautiful too! Here are some of our top tips for packing a punch when mapping out your plans for a small bathroom design. 


Small Bathroom, Big Dreams


Beautiful Small Bathroom Design

Configuring your bathroom in such a way that there is enough space between your toilet and the sink, your shower and towel rail can be tricky, especially if you have limited space and an unconventional layout. That’s where a little bit of creativity and a splash of astuteness comes in! 


    1. Not-So-Traditional Corner Sink
      Bathroom sinks can sometimes be cumbersome, disrupting your movement as you try and get to the toilet or your shower. There is nothing more frustrating, especially if the space can be used more effectively!

      This not-so-traditional corner sink, right beside your toilet, works a lot better than being placed awkwardly alongside the shower. Now you can wash your hands, and see yourself too!


    2. Float Your Vanity
      Floating your vanity helps make the space appear visually bigger, and frees up some much-needed floor space when you step aside to wash your hands. 

    3. Open Your Shower
      These days, you can get away with not having a door on your shower. Open showers are designed to maximise bathroom space, and not only visually increase the size of your bathroom, but also provide a convenient “step in, step out” style that is perfect if you need to “rinse and run”.  

    4. Wall Mounted Toilet
      Installing a wall mounted toilet brings an instant modern aesthetic and is a great choice if you have a smaller bathroom, as the bowl and actuator plate are the only parts in the room, meaning the bowl is much closer to the wall – saving you precious floor space and legroom.


    5. It’s All About The Lighting
      Oh so important, no matter what room in your house! Adding a few warm tone lights or will enhance the luminescence and reflectiveness of the room; creating a brighter and roomier-feeling space.


    6. Round Mirrors
      Making use of a large round mirror in your bathroom is certainly not new, but does it pack a punch in a smaller space! Suspended just above the soap shelf, with it comes a stylish modern aesthetic, opening up the space the only way a mirror can!


    7. Strategic Tiles & Colour Schemes
      When it comes to small bathrooms, you need to be strategic with colour. Dark walls will make the room feel smaller, light walls will make the room feel larger. To add a bit of contrast, you can get by with darker floor tiles and lighter walls, and switching up the styles to create a statement!


    8. Less Is More
      As with anything, and especially in the context of a small bathroom, less is definitely more! Designing your bathroom for the space available, and keeping it clean, uncluttered and in tip-top shape will ensure it is always a welcoming space that won’t get you feeling claustrophobic. 

Need Help Redesigning Your Small Bathroom? 

OXO’s expert bathroom designers can assist! Schedule a design meeting with us and allow us to give you a guiding hand when redesigning your small bathroom. We look forward to hearing from you!


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